Full-time rancher, artist and husband, Thor adds a new spin to the Norse mythology.


In 2013, I graduated college with a degree in welding technology.  I opened my own shop and quickly learned that I enjoyed creating metal art more that just welding.  In that same year, a mentor of mine offered to loan me all of his engraving equipment for my shop - this is when I first began to learn how to push engrave.  Once I made my first cut, I was hooked.  In 2014, I built my first pair of spurs and a bit.  Now I can't stop.  I enjoy building functional western art because it's art that has a purpose. It's designed to be used and will be a part of someone's life and their story.  In my mind it doesn't get any better than that.

I am as much a metal welding silversmith artist, as I am a full time rancher. My family ranch, Redrock, is a southern Arizona cattle outfit that runs Black Angus beef cattle.  I use my experiences on the ranch to inspire my creations.  There isn't anything else that I could imagine myself doing.  When I'm working with my materials, I just feel right.

Creating lasting works of art - and pieces that inspire others - is truly what this work is about for me.  I am happy knowing that my journey has really just begun and am excited to see where I go to next.